8 Patterns Spray Nozzle

8 Patterns Spray Nozzle

Garden Hose Nozzle Heavy Duty Spray Nozzle 8 Patterns for Watering Plants Cleaning Car Wash and Pets Bathing
  • ♠ Fits All Standard Garden Hose--- 3/4" solid brass connectors with On/Off valve. Durable zinc alloy construction prevent from rusting, rubberized outer coating is slip-resistant and comfortable.


  • ♠ NO LEAKING--- Garden hose spray nozzle has slide valve to adjust water flow free to irrigate plants, wash car or pet bathing and so on. Include 2 rubber sealing rings to prevent from leaking on connector.


  • ♠ Energy Saving Design Hose Nozzle--- Special lock bar to keep the water flowing and save effort, Just use the clip so you don't have to keep your hand holding it the whole time.


  • ♠ Unique Easy storage Desig--- You can hang it on the wall or hook up when not in use. unique suspension loop for easy storage. Contact seller if any complain, we will provide best solution for you.


  • ♠ 8 Patterns Spray Nozzle--- Jet, Angled, Shower, Full, Flat, Mist, Soaker, Cone. More choice for irrigating plants, cleaning garden or pool, dog bathing, car wash. With color box, Good Christmas gift for your family and friends.

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Product Specification

Product Specification

  • Application : Watering Plants, Cleaning, Car Wash And Pets Bathing

  • Type of Nozzle : Pattern

  • Number of Patterns : 8

  • Standard Connection : 3/4

  • Product Dimension : 5.6”x 5.1”x 2.4”

  • Grip Type : Rubberized Outer Coating

  • Construction : Full Zinc Alloy Body

  • Color : Red and Black

8 Pattern Spray Nozzles


8 Patterns Ergonomic Spray Nozzle


Each watering task is different, but the garden hose nozzle  can serve variety of watering tasks, such as watering plants, cleaning, car wash and pets bathing.


From mist to jet, this nozzle caters to each job. The heavy duty spray nozzle features a durable ABS body and a TPR non-slip comfort grip, which is guaranteed to perform for a lifetime.



Package Includes:

1x 8 function spray nozzle;  2 x rubber sealing rings

8 Patterns Spray Nozzle:

1. Rotate 360 degree to choose proper pattern.

2. 8 Patterns nozzle sprayer: jet, angled, shower, full, flat, mist, soaker, cone.


3. More choice for irrigating plants, cleaning garden or pool, dog bathing, car wash.


Garden Hose Nozzle



- Color box make it to be a good gift to friends or family.


- Rubber sealing rings for no leaks, tear or cracks.



1. Please close the tap and shut off valves after using.

2. Store the hose nozzle in dry and cool area when not in use.

3. Children should use under the direction of adults.


8 Patterns Spray Nozzles


Q and A


Question: Can you adjust the pressure flow? If so, where is it located?
Answer: The MATCC hose nozzle does have an independent water flow control knob. You can also control the flow by how far you depress the trigger.

Question: Is it possible to set it at open without squeezing the trigger all the time?
Answer: Yes. There is a silver metal piece(lock bar) below the trigger. While nozzle is off, you just squeeze the trigger and move the metal piece up over the end of the trigger. This locks the trigger. Now the water stays on all the time without you having to squeeze the trigger.

Question: Does this work with a pressure washer?
Answer: It can not work with a pressure washer.Since pressure washer can above 20 bars. But our heavy duty spray nozzle burst water pressure is under normal range 3-6 Bar.

Question: Does it have a "flood" option? I need to fill up a bucket often and I don't want it spraying back on me.
Answer: It has a "full" option that many my other nozzles didn't have & this option makes washing neat and quick.


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