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  • A4 Thermal Laminator
  • A4 Thermal Laminator
  • A4 Thermal Laminator
  • A4 Thermal Laminator
  • A4 Thermal Laminator
  • A4 Thermal Laminator
  • A4 Thermal Laminator

A4 Thermal Laminator

MATCC A4 Laminator Thermal Laminator Machines Trimmer/Corner Rounder Machine 2 Rollers Quick Warm-up Laminator for Home, School, Office Use,Black

US$27.98 US$27.98

    ♦ Laminate while Trimming. A4 laminator pack with cutter and corner rounder! 3 in 1 meets with all your requirement. Corner rounder is handy for sharp edges and the cutter cuts very clean.


    ♦ Laminates Smoothly. MATCC Laminator Machines Constant temperature make sure laminates smoothly with no bubbles, no creases. Perfect for Keeping your precious photos, manuscripts and works.


    ♦ Quick Warm-Up. MATCC Laminator Machines with 2 rolls laminating system reduce waiting time. After 3- 4 minutes preheating, it works smoothly and quickly (laminates speed: 300mm/min) whilst remaining quiet in the process.


    ♦ Wider and Thicker Support. Suitable for laminating with a maximum of A4 230mm. The thickness for laminating is between 150 (2 * 75) mic- (2 * 100) 200mic. The cutting machine is suitable for cutting to A4 230mm


    ♦ Jam Protection System & LED Indicator. Simplely turn it off when jam is happening, which will quickly and easily clears wrapped or jammed pouches. 2 LED indicator lights clearly identify the status of the machine

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High Efficient Lamination


MATCC Thermal Laminator offers high quality, professional lamination with easy-to-use controls. The max laminating width is 9in,suit within A4.Preheat 2-4mins,the indicator will turn to red and then enjoy 11.8in / min Laminating Speed.The machine features Anti-jam function:Most improper operations can cause paper jams. The laminator will automatically cut off the power when a paper jam occurs. After removing the jammed paper, turn the power back on and laminate again.


  • ♥ Pouches thickness: 3-5mil
  • ♥ Maximum Film width: 9inches(Up to A4)
  • ♥ Maximum Pouch thickness: 0.5mm
  • ♥ Maximum Operating speed: 300mm/min
  • ♥ Ready Indicator: indicator with thermo-transfer technology
  • ♥ Delivery Contents:1x Laminator ,1x Rotary Trimmer, 1x Corner Rounder

With Paper Trimmer & Corner Rounder

The Thermal Lamination,easy to operate, sturdy and durable, the Rotary Trimmer with clear cutter scale, can cut at different angles. In order to prevent the corners of the laminated pouches hurt people after laminating, it is included a Corner Rounder for safer trimming.

Guide to use
  1. Turn on the power switch, the READY indicator light will turn to red, and the temperature will reach the laminating requirement.
  2. Then start to put the pouch in to lamintor carefully3,After the pouch is finished, remove the pouches after 10s and place it over the desktop to cool.4,Using the rotary trimmer and corner rounder to prune the pouch.
Time for a single use of the laminator

The Laminator works for 30 minutes and rests for 30 minutes. After 72 hours of operation, the casing does not soften or deform.




Thermal Laminator


  1. The ready indicator will turn to red after preheating.
  2. Set with Resistance pad,increasing  resistance between laminator and tabletop to prevent slippage.
  3. Porous heat dissipation:With heat dissipation holes front and back,Effective heat dissipation


Paper Trimmer


  1. The scale is clear, to meet the small size cuttingC
  2. ard slot design, protect the cutter headE
  3. quipped with sharp blade and easy for cut leveling

Corner Rounder

Touch a button lightly, you can trim the four corners of the laminated paper to avoid scratching the skin too sharply.



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