Car Cover Universal Fits SUV (190''Lx75''Wx72''H)

Car Cover Universal Fits SUV (190''Lx75''Wx72''H)

Car Cover Waterproof SUV Cover Auto Cover All Season All Weather Protection Vehicle Cover Fits SUV Car XL

♦ Universal Fit - This all-season SUV car cover fits SUV cars up to 190"Long ( not suitable for sedan cover ). With the convenient storage pouch to store it in, it is light weight and small enough when folded to be stored in a handy place. Please search ASIN B076CL6Q1K if need Sedan car cover.


♦ All Season & All Weather - Car Cover will protect your car from moisture, snow, frost, corrosion, dust, dirt, scrapes and excessive exposure to the sun, all of which can damage your paintwork and cause costly repairs.


♦ Fluorescent Strips - This auto cover has 6 reflective safety warning lines to protect your car at night for security.


♦ Elasticized Hem & Hooks Design - Two elastic bands, one rope wind and elasticized hem for easy tie down and four pieces of elastic with hooks can be fixed on the wheel against strong winds.Keep car cover stay in place perfectly to help protect vehicle.


♦ Higher Fabric - Prevent damaging equipment from fickle weather. High-density materials are waterproof, sunscreen, fireproof,and dust rain snow. Email us if any displeasure, we will provide best solution.

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Product Specification

Product Specification

  • Packing Method : Storage Bag

  • Application : Outdoor Car Protection

  • Suitable For : SUV Up to 190''L

  • Product Highlights : Fluorescent Strips & Hooks Design

  • Function : UV Protection & Waterproof

  • Material : Waterproof Dustproof Nylon Cloth

  • Size : 190''L x 75''W x 72''H

  • Color : Silver


Matcc-SUV-car cover-banner

Outdoor Car Cover Features:


1. UV protection & waterproof

2. Fluorescent strips & hooks design

3. Strong but lightweight design

4. Easy to fold and storage

5. All season all weather protection

6. Fit SUV up to 190'' L


 Packaging includes:

1 X Car Cover

1 X Storage Bag  



Outdoor Car Cover Features:


1. Waterproof nylon cloth

Has longer life-time than other materials in the rainy days. 


2. High-density materials

Prevent dust, rain, UV rays, dirt, industrial pollutants, snow, frost, and easy to clean.


3. Fluorescent strips

Reflective safety warning lines to protect your car security at night.


4. Elasticized wind rope

Four elastic hooks can be fixed to the wheel and protect your car against to winds.


5. Elasticized hem

Helps to cover your car better. Good durability, recommended car covers for automobiles.


6. Scratch-resistant

Effectively protect your car from scraches and marks.


Matcc-SUV-car cover design-185''L


Protect Your Vehicle:


1. Vehicle cover refelects up to 90% of the UV rays & prevents the car from being scratched.


2. Prevent harmful dust into car mechanical parts, good to avoid machine wear inside the car.


3. Effectively prevent the car surface from city's pollution, such as cruel torture of snow acidic pollution.


4. Auto cover with elasticized hem& hooks design, good to protect your car cover in heavy wind from blowing off.




Just in case, please confirm size before ordering. 


If you have any problem, please contact us via email [email protected] at your convenience.



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