Car Foam Gun Foam with Adjustment Ratio Dial

Car Foam Gun Foam with Adjustment Ratio Dial

MATCC Car Foam Gun Foam and Adjustable Car Wash Sprayer with Adjustment Ratio Dial Foam Sprayer Fit Garden Hose for Car Home Cleaning and Garden Use 0.23 Gallon Bottl

1. Low Pressure Washer Suds Maker- Brass standard hose Connector fit all standard garden hose, don't need pressure washer or complicated installation. Add soap, easily connect to garden hose and produce foam instantly.

2. Leak-Free- High Quality Brass Connector ensure the tightness of the washing gun and leak-free connection to the hose. Rubber Sealed Loop inside the ratio dial for good Sealing and no leak.

3. Double Filters- Metal mesh filter on end of foam gun to filter particles in water, filter on end of pick up tube to filter particles in soap. Never scratch car paint. MATCC pay attention to every detail to provide best care for your car.

4. Adjustable Foam Cannon- Foam gun has a 0-E gear adjustment dial, foam flow can be decreased and increased by changing dial. Dismountable car wash gun, you can dismount it to store when not in use.

5. Multiple Use- First, can be used to water flowers and plants. Second, use it to wash car, motorcycle, floors, windows, driveways, roofs, siding washing and so on.

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MATCC Low Pressure Car Foam Gun

MATCC Car Foam Gun make a Great Foam for washing your vehicles or equipment. Can be connected to Faucet and garden hose. The Foam Gun can be used for car washing, floors or Windows washing, or use it to water flowers and plants. Ideal for enthusiast or professional use.

– Double filters to filter particles in water and soap

– Adjustable Dial, easy to operate

– Brass material, Rustproof, Durable

– Fit faucet and garden hose

– Make a Great Foam for car wash or other cleaning

– Can be used to water flowers and plants


Two Connections:

Connect to Faucet or garden hose, no pressure washer needed

Fit 3/8" Connector

NPT3/4" Connector


Multiple Use:

Wash car, motorcycle, floors, windows, driveways, roofs, siding washing and so on.

Water flowers and plants


Wash the foam gun and bottom by clean water after use

Make sure to tighten the tap in case water leakage.

Do not tilt the bottle when not in use.

Foam Wash Gun, ideal for enthusiast or professional use. 


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Average rating:
4.75 / 5.0
I bought this to use to clean my car because before I had to keep borrowing other peoples pressure washer. Needlesstosay this has been amazing! I can get the same results just from using this with my water hose. I am satisfied with how the soap gets foamy on my car and I feel like I can clean it well. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to clean their cars but can't get a pressure washer to use with a foam gun.
June 12, 2019
Renea Greene
Works well for gentle washing on house and car.
June 11, 2019
Saved me a lot of time applying soap all over my car. I just simply sprayed it and used a mitten for the paint. makes life easier.
June 05, 2019
This is a fun little cannon and really makes washing our cars and our 5th wheel a breeze. Not sure how we lived for so long without one.
June 04, 2019
 Just watch my video, it works perfectly for me. Watch my video watching my q50, no hassle with cables or noise with a power washer , this gets the job done
June 02, 2019
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