Car Foam Gun with Adjustment Ratio Dial

Car Foam Gun with Adjustment Ratio Dial

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Product Specification

Product Specification

  • Interface : Standard hose Connector

  • Water pressure : 2.5BAR - 6BAR

  • Capacity : 0.23Gal/900ml

  • Material : Plastic&metal

  • Item weight : 1.4 pounds

  • Size : 4”x 8.7”x17.3”

  • Ratio : A- 1:128, B- 1:64, C-1:32, D-1:20, E-1:10

  • : Fit faucet and garden hose

  • Product Description



MATCC Low Pressure Car Foam Gun

 MATCC Car Foam Gun make a Great Foam for washing your vehicles or equipment. Can be connected to Faucet and garden hose.

The Foam Gun can be used for car washing, floors or Windows washing, or use it to water flowers and plants.

Ideal for enthusiast or professional use.


  •         ▷ Double filters to filter particles in water and soap
  •         ▷ Adjustable Dial, easy to operate
  •         ▷ Brass material, Rustproof, Durable
  •         ▷ Fit faucet and garden hose
  •         ▷ Make a Great Foam for car wash or other cleaning
  •         ▷ Can be used to water flowers and plants



Two Connections:

Connect to Faucet or garden hose, no pressure washer needed


  1. Fit 3/8" Connector
  2. NPT3/4" Connector


Multiple Use:


  1. Wash car, motorcycle, floors, windows, driveways, roofs, siding washing and so on.
  2. Water flowers and plants




  1. Wash the foam gun and bottom by clean water after use
  2. Make sure to tighten the tap in case water leakage.
  3. Do not tilt the bottle when not in use.




Foam Wash Gun, ideal for enthusiast or professional use.


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