Food Scale

Food Scale

Digital Kitchen Scale Food Scale with LCD Display Electronic Cooking Scale Postal Scale for Kitchen and Home Weight Range from 0.1oz (1g) to 33lbs (15kg),Battery Included

1. Instant & Accurate Measurement - Equipped with high-precision sensors, delivers quick and accurate measurement results. Measure the same item at different times,get consistent data results.Maximum load capacity up to 33lb/15kg with high precision to 1 gram or 0.1 oz, display of measurement results in g/ kg/ ml/ lb:oz /fl:oz.


2. Innovation Hold Function - Size 16*23*1.7cm, great for weighing large items.The HOLD Function allow the weight will continue to be display for 10s after the parcel is removed,use for cooking in kitchen,package weighting in post office.MATCC Digital Kitchen Scale is a multifunction scale for the kitchen and home.


3. Top Quality&Safe -  Easy to clean tempered glass with 4 rubber feets for non-slip.The LCD display with blue backlit has larger view angle,ensure that data can be read at multiple angles. ABS plastic bottom housing,non-toxic,harmless to the body.


4. Practical Tare Function - Allows for measurement of multiple ingredients in the same container,such as rice, flour with plate;Milk and water can also be measured in different modes.


5. Scientific Design - Auto shut-off in 2 minutes features to preserve battery life.The manual shutdown button is set on the left hand side,prevent the right hand from accidentally pressing to cause shutdown.Included 2 AAA batteries.Certificate: CE. Any problems with MATCC digital food scale,contact us! 24h respond timely.

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Product Specification

Product Specification

  • Automatic shut off Time : 2 minutes

  • Dimension : 16*23*1.7cm

  • Weight unit : g / kg / ml / lb:oz / fl:oz

  • Precision : 1 g/0.1 oz

  • Capacity : 33lb/15kg




15KG Electronic Kitchen Scales


With 4 high precision sensors,ensure more accurate weighing results with 33lb(15KG) capacity. Elegant black tempered glass and 4 nonslip rubber feets make the scale safe and fashionable.Screen features a bright blue backlight LCD for the chef. The innovative HOLD function continute the weight display for 10 seconds;great for the large items. Tare function allows you to subtract the weight of an empty container for net weighing determination. Energy-saving automatic switch-off.


  •    ▷4 precision sensors - ensure outstanding accuracy

  •    ▷Multi-angle readable blue LCD display

  •    ▷Innovation hold function - measuring large parcels

  •    ▷Practical tare function

  •    ▷Auto shut-off in 2 minutes features

  •    ▷Large ultra slim platform - hygienic and easy to clean




Tare Function

Deduct the weight of a container from the total weight,determine the net weight of the contents,can measure water and milk.


Easy-to-read Display

Large blue backlit LCD display,eeasily read data from multiple angles.Switch between g/ kg/ ml/ lb:oz /fl:oz measurement at the touch of unit button.


Easy to Clean and Store

Easy to clean tempered glass,wiping it down with a slightly damp cloth.The slim design makes it easy to hang stow or store in any cabinet.


The Digital Multifunctional Scale


The hold function allow the weight will continue to be display for 10s after the parcel is removed,and maximum capacity in 15kg,can handy for weighing letter and big parcels to help calculate postage costs.

Cleaning & Care


      ▷ Clean the scale with a slightly damp cloth.

         DO NOT immerse the scale in water or use

         chemical/abrasive cleaning agents.

      ▷ Always use the scale on a hard, flat surface.

         DO NOT use on carpet.


Package Included


      ▷1 x Digital Kitchen Scale

      ▷1 x User Manual

      ▷2 x AAA batteries



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