Garden Hose 50 Feet

Garden Hose 50 Feet

MATCC Garden Hose 50 Feet Expandable Hose 3/4'' Solid Brass Fittings with Shut Off Valve Expanding Garden Hose
  • Flexible Design - This newly designed expandable hose will Never tangle, twist, or kink, flexible and easy to handle and storage.

  • Space Saving-The New Expandable Hose Extended to 3 times of its original size (From 17FT to 50FT) when in use and contracts automatically in seconds when shutting off the water and returns in minutes to its original length when the water is out.

  • More Durable- Solid 3/4 Inches brass connectors, rubber washer, double latex pipe, sturdy on/off valve, extra-flexible 3750D polyester fabric cover; the hose can withstand water pressure 3-12 Bar and temperature 41°H-113°H.

  • Easy To Store - Retractable, lightweight, highly portable, flexible hose comes with a free storage bag, save your storage space.Just drain water from the hose when not in use, put in the bag and store out of direct sun.

  • Premium Quality-Sturdy materials, made it quite functional, lightweight, flexible and long enough to make it easy and convenient for maneuvering around the garden.They are completely leak-proof, and have anti-rust and anti-rupture functions.

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1.Dimensions: Original length: 17 feet/Expanding hose length: 50 feet
2.Weight: 2.25 lbs
3.Material: latex, Brass, High quality polyester cloth, PVC

Package Includes :
1 x 50 ft garden hose
1x Rust-free Shutoff Valve
1x Great Storaging Sack

1.Please note that the optimal temperature for using the hose is 41°H-113°H
2.make sure that the water pressure in the normal range (3-6 Bar)
3.Always drain the water from the hose when not in use
4.Store the flexible water hose in the shade or keep it covered

5.Do not walk on the expandable hose 50ft under the hydraulic press

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Average rating:
4.75 / 5.0
Love the quality of the hose. I have had other expandable hoses in the past. This hose seems to reduce water pressure compared to others I have owned.
July 18, 2019
david kirk
We needed a good hose that could withstand our water pressure, I have bought 5 hoses in 3 years as they have all broke some place or another. I have even tried the alluim ones. We have used this many times now and it's Great HAS NOT BROKEN any place at all. I am SO happy with this product. Going to buy another for our front yard. It's super easy to use and came with a nice storage bag. It is big but small when there is no water applied . Very light weight also. Price was decent! Came with the nice brass fittings too. Perfect awsome product!
June 06, 2019
The hose performed as expected, i got it to just use it in my 2 cars garage, 50 ft is the perfect fit actually, Doesn't leak, no problems with the length and the metal ends and the shut off valve are high quality. Highly recommended over the same type of hose with plastic ends.
May 13, 2019
Mason House
This hose was perfect for keeping in the camper because it does not take up much space and is plenty long.
October 03, 2018
Anonymous Customer
awaiting longevity at this point but its great to move around and connections seem sturdy
July 12, 2019
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