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Ice Scrapers

2 Pack Ice Scraper Mitt Windshield Snow Scrapers with Waterproof Snow Remover Glove Lined of Thick Fleece Black

US$10.98 US$10.98

    1. Made of oxford waterproof material outside.Prevent ice, snow & water from penetrating into wrist band when scraping ice off windshield. Keep your hand dry.


    2. Lined with thick soft fleece inside.Prevent wind & snow from entering into the wristband in winter. Keep your hand warm and cozy. Perfect combination with waterproof material.


    3. Plastic sharp blade with flute design. Lightweight but effective, can be used to cut through the thickest ice without touching the cold snow and avoid scratching the glass.


    4. Elastic wrist band design. Prevent gloves from falling off during scraping the snow & ice off. Fits your wrist well and no need to roll up sleeves anymore.


    5. Suitable for all hands size and comfortable for both left- and right-handed use. No age restriction and fits everyone, follow your handedness at your preference.

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Waterproof and Keep Warm in Winter

Waterproof ice scraper mitt was used to scrape the snow and ice off your car's windshield while keeping you warm, cozy and dry. Plastic snow scrapers with sharp blade, lightweight but effective, last long time



MATCC durable snow scraper with glove is actually very sturdy that can breaks through the toughest ice.Perfect tool for windshield,really keep your hand warm and scraped your window to clean.Best Winter gift for family,friends,colleagues,lover and yourself.

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 Waterproof Oxford with Thick Fleece

    ABS Plastic Shovel

       Textured Scraper Handle




  • Name: Ice Scraper Mitt
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 187g
  • 2x Ice Scraper Mitt
  • Lined with thick soft fleecem, great cold resistance
  • oxford waterproof material, good water resistant
  • Elastic wrist band design, fits all hands size
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