Thermal Laminator A4

Thermal Laminator A4

MATCC Thermal Laminator A4 Paper Cutter and Corner Rounder 9inches Max Lamination Width 2 Roller System Laminator Machine Fast Warm-up Quick Laminating Speed Laminator Suit for Home Art Office etc

【HIGH EFFICIENCY】 - 2 Rollers system hot laminating function, quickly preheat 3-4min,enjoy the maximum lamination width 9" (A4 size paper) and speed of 11.8in / min.Suitable for 3-5mil pouches.

【INCLUDING PAPER TRIMMER AND CORNER ROUNDER】 - For the laminated pouch,trimmer can achieve different angle cutting and corner rounder supports prune its corner,convenient and cost-effective.

【EASY TO USE】 - Turn on the power switch, READY indicator light turns to red, when temperature reached the requirements, then put picture with pouches into laminator and start laminating. After finished, use trimmer and corner rounder to optimize.

【ANTI-JAM FUNCTION 】- Once there is a paper jam in the process of laminating, the machine will automatically power off to end this,remove the jammed pouch and re-laminate .

【WIDE APPLICATION 】- MATCC laminating machine can be used for home, office, school, art and so on.Please note!!! Warranty is confident to order! 12 months worry-free warranty. There are A3 laminator machines for purchase as well, you can check the Product Description to learn more. If thermal lamination has any problems, please contact us! Reply in time for 24 hours.

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MATCC Laminator Using Notice

  • Please kindly check the laminating paper before laminating, any impurities on its surface, will cause tiny bubbles on the laminating paper.
  • Before ready for laminating,please confirm you hand clean in order not to Stained laminated paper
  • Laminator need to preheat 3-4min, after the READY indicator light turn to red. Then you can start to laminating pouches.
  • This item do not include laminating pouches, please kindly noted.

With Paper Trimmer & Corner Rounder

The Thermal Lamination,easy to operate, sturdy and durable, the Rotary Trimmer with clear cutter scale, can cut at different angles. In order to prevent the corners of the laminated pouches hurt people after laminating, it is included a Corner Rounder for safer trimming.

Guide to use

1, Turn on the power switch, preheat 3-4min, the READY indicator light will turn to red, and the temperature will reach the laminating requirement. 2, Then start to put the pouch in to lamintor carefully 3, After the pouch is finished, remove the pouches after 10s and place it over the desktop to cool. 4, Using the rotary trimmer and corner rounder to prune the pouch.

Time for a single use of the laminator

The Laminator works for 30 minutes and rests for 30 minutes. After 72 hours of operation, the casing does not soften or deform.




Thermal Laminator

1.The ready indicator will turn to red after preheating.

2.Set with Resistance pad,increasing  resistance between laminator and tabletop to prevent slippage.

3.Porous heat dissipation:With heat dissipation holes front and back,Effective heat dissipation

Paper Trimmer

1.The scale is clear, to meet the small size cutting

2.Card slot design, protect the cutter head

3.Equipped with sharp blade and easy for cut leveling

Corner Rounder

Touch a button lightly, you can trim the four corners of the laminated paper to avoid scratching the skin too sharply.


Average rating:
4.85 / 5.0
Chris G.
I liked having all the items necessary to laminate and cut. I especially like the little corner cutter. I'd never seen one before and wouldn't have gone out looking for one, but now I wonder what I ever did without it. It just gives a nice finished look (and feel) to everything I laminate. The machine works good too.
September 30, 2019
September 30, 2019
This is really easy to use. It works well. It does not come with any laminating sheets so you need to order those straight away. The machine itself is very intuitive to use and awesomely perfect is you are an organized check list type person at home. As a teacher I rarely use this for the classroom but you could.... it would just get costly in terms of laminating sheets.
September 30, 2019
V. Ramirez
I’m not sure about the negative reviews - but this purchase was a lifesaver 2days before a big Girl Scouts encampment. We made some Leave No Trace cards to distribute to all the Scouts that also had some hiking essentials and the map of our hike, and the Scouts were even able to use the cards as a writing surface for the younger ones’ scavenger hunt! Super easy to use, and the paper cutter/corner trimmer was an added A+ bonus to minimize sharp corners.
September 29, 2019
Andrea M.
Very easy to use. Love the extras included with machine. Works well and great value for the price.
September 22, 2019
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