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Vacuum Sealer Machine Automatic/Manual Dry & Moist

Vacuum Sealer Machine Automatic/Manual Dry & Moist

MATCC Vacuum Sealer Machine Automatic/Manual with Built-in Cutter and Replaceable Sealing Strip One-knob Button Sealing System
  •          One-knob Button Operation: It can switch function with one-knob button operation arbitrarily. Vacuum,Seal and Vacuum Seal 3 in 1 function. The whole process from vacuum to heat sealing can be completed by pressing one button.

  • Dry/Moist, Normal/Gentle Modes: MATCC vacuum sealing machine can perfectly solve the problem of food with oil and water. Meanwhile we provide two kinds of suction force. Normal and Gentle modes can easily vacuum sealed soft, easily crushed and flattened food without destroying them.

  • Built-in Cutter & Sealing Function: MATCC Food vacuum sealer can easily cut out the required size of the packing bag with sealing function. In addition, sealing width of 4mm ensures long sealing effect without air leakage affecting food preservation. SEAL function keep your snacks, nuts and chips crisp.

  • 30cm Long Sealing Bar: The vacuum packing machine has a heating wire up to 30 cm, which supports multiple bags of vacuum sealing or sealing only at the same time. It greatly improves efficiency and saves more time. At the same time, the product has Overheat Protection and thermal design, which can effectively longer the service life of machine.

  • External Vacuum Pipe & After-sale Service: It’s not only for canning, wine storage, vacuum packaging, food storage, but also for daily household life like easily extract the air from the down quilt to keep the down quilt moistureproof. The Vacuum Sealer is made of food grade quality BPA free, CE/GS approved product and confident with 12 MONTH WARRANTY.               

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Product Description
✔The vacuum sealing system has a separate sealing method for dry and wet foods and can handle any kind of food.
✔Sealed Only mode allows you to seal contents without vacuuming, making it ideal for fast, convenient short-term storage.
✔Proper sealing means better preservation, less food waste and more money saved on your weekly food bill.
✔Considering the service life of the sealing strip, we have a replaceable sealing strip.
✔Overheat Protection and thermal design make the vacuum sealing machine have longer service life and safer use process.
✔Maximum vacuum - 70k Pa can be pumped to vacuum state completely.
✔To make it easier for you to clean, we purposely used a removable sink.

1.To get an airtight seal, the “vacuum sealer bags” or “vacuum sealer rolls” must be clean,
dry and without wrinkles in the area of the seal. The foil material must be sealed evenly and tightly but not melted at the rim of the sealing.
2.Please don’t lock the lid onto the base while you don’t use the machine. Or it will make the gasket deformation.
3.Please make sure the lid to be locked well. If not the sealer will not work.
4.To pack wet, soft food and fruit, we suggest choose Gentle mode
5.Choose correct sealing bags: Can be Vacuum&Seal (vacuum sealing bags and bags with folded sides), Seal Only(bags with no line, no folded sides)

Working Power: 130W
Color: White
Bag max width : 11.81 inch (30cm)
Unite Size: 15 * 6.02 * 2.44 inch (38 * 15.3 * 6.2 cm)
Package Size:16.38 * 8.27 * 4.25 inch (41.6 * 21* 10.8 cm)
Gross Weight: 1.6kg
Net Weight: 1.9kg
Maximum Volume: 45dB

Package Include:
1 x Vacuum Sealer
1 x Vacuum Pipe
1 x Replaceable Sealing Strip
1 x Instruction
Customer Reviews
4.9 / 5.0
10 reviews
View All >
Joye Y. Locke-Wilson
Helpful product at this time
May 10, 2020


Average rating:
4.9 / 5.0
Joye Y. Locke-Wilson
Helpful product at this time
May 10, 2020
Good for the price!
The instructions are not exactly clear. After looking and considering a bit, I figured it out. The lid has to click into place, and the edge of the bag must be placed across the suction area, not tucked into the slot. After figuring this out it worked like a charm. Very happy with this purchase.
February 29, 2020
Love this
I was using an older model that sounded like a 747 taking off every time I used it.This one is much quieter and so easy to use!
February 14, 2020
Anonymous Customer
awesome vacuum sealer
This is an awesome vacuum sealer. I like that it has two different modes for wet or dry food. It really works to preserve the food to last longer. I’m glad that we don’t waste food now specially the vegetables. It is also very easy to use, safe and high quality. I highly recommend this sealer.
August 07, 2019
Don't buy the expensive brand
Took a chance on this one and I am not disappointed. I was forever using ziploc bags for storage but food would either get freezer burnt or my mozzarella cheese block would get mold on it. Now I am using this to seal those foods I know I will not be using again for a while. The picture above is what is remaining of my cheese block after making dinner the other night. This is a quart sized bag and you can see the unit sitting behind it so you can get an idea of the actual size. Sorry, other pictures were blurry. I have also used it to save a chunk of my brisket that I barbecued. After spending 13+ hours smoking a cut of beef you want something that will keep from getting freezer burnt. You can also use this to reseal open bags of chips to keep them fresh longer.The machine itself is actually very small which is great because I can put it in a cabinet when not in use unlike those expensive ones that have to sit out and take up counter space. It only takes a minute to pull it out and set it up and not much longer than grabbing a ziploc bag. The use is very straight forward and not many buttons or settings to get confused by. It will use any brand bag as long as they are meant to be used with a food sealer and has a textured surface. The texturing it what allows the vacuum function to work.My only complaint is that no bags come with this one so if you expect to use it as soon as it arrives you will need to purchase bags. I would have been nice if 2 or 3 bags were included. Since they weren't I just grabbed those 20% off coupons and headed to the nearest Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up a few.
July 17, 2019
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