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DC 12.6V Lithium 5500PA Cyclonic Powerful Rechargeable Hand Vacuum Cleaner, Wet Dry Use and Stainless Steel HEPA Double Filtration Portable Hand Vacuum for Home Car

US$49.98 US$49.98

    1. Quick Charged, Wireless Portable Use - DC 12.6V 2500mAh Lithium vacuum, About 3~4hours can be fully charged, sustainable use more than 20 minutes. Equipped with wireless adapter. You can move the vacuum cleaner freely to help you clean sofa seams, corners, car gaps and other hard-to-reach places.


    2. Cyclone Super Suction -100W ultra-high power, suction up to 5500PA. Stably supply powerful cyclone suction, absorbs dry dust such as dirt, hair, debris, leaves, loose gravel, and small amounts of leakage.


    3. Double filtration,UPGRADED FILTER - PP material net cover and stainless steel HEPA filter, efficiently separate the garbage, avoid blockage. No need to change the filter frequently.And reduce the noise <75db, no worry to disturb your kids.The Water capacity up to 150ml, meet the deep cleaning dust demand from the kitchen, living room to bedroom.


    4. Multi-function use with 5 accessories - The Gasket Nozzle installed to clean some leather, high-grade wood or sofa surface.The Brush Nozzle suitable for cleaning irregular surfaces or soft materials.The Short Flat Suction and Long Flat Suction, installed to clean any narrow gap position.The Extension Hose connect with other accessories to clean the corner.


    5. Easy to Clean - Washable stainless steel filter, please thoroughly clean the vacuum cleaner and dry it before continuing to use it for more permanent use. Attention!!! WARRANTY Order with confidence! 12-month worry-free warranty.Any problems with MATCC Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, contact us! 24h respond timely.

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3~4 Hours Quick Charged


 ≥20min Runtime


MATCC Cordless Hand held Vacuum built in DC12.6V Lithium2500mAh Battery.Only takes 3-4 hours to fully charge. Sustainable use ≥20min,achieving high performance usage.Pay attention to the flashing mode: the red light is on when charging and stops when full charge .The green light is stayed when the work starts, and the green light flashes 10 times if the battery is low.If there is in lower battery, the green light will flash for a long time.


 Rated Voltage: DC 12.6V

 Working time: ≥20min

 Battery Capacity:2500mAh

 Battery Type:Lithium




Lower Noise<75dB


Stronger bass design is as low as 75db (industry standard for vacuum cleaner is under 82db). It is more comfortable to use.


Support Dry&Wet Use

There is no fear of water stains.Dust and water can both sweep away,easy to deal with all kinds of embarrassing situation. The Water capacity up to 150ml, meet the deep cleaning dust demand from the kitchen, living room to bedroom.



MATCC Cordless Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner is specially used for home,car,etc.Don't use in other excessive dust environment. Avoid sucked pollutants into the copper motor.




long-life motor Max power 100W
The suction is more than 5500Pa(23inch h2o), and suction power is equal or greater than 14w.Third generation 28000R/min-MATCC special motor for high speed vacuum cleaner with strong power. Max Rated Power is 100W.


stainless steel HEPA filter
The outlet uses the activated carbon filter,original Nano waterproof stainless steel filter screen and built-in cyclone dust collection.Supporting directly washed and has long service life, it will be easy to clean and no need to replace frequently for life.


anti-leakage seal
Designed with Leak Proof seal to prevent dust from leaking out.In case dust spill out of from the nozzle when finishing vacuuming, it will seal immediately,easy to dump the trash.



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