I. How to find the desired product:

You can search "MATCC+ product name" to find your desired product in search bar on the home page.


II. How to buy it:

1. Business users: If you need to buy in bulk, please contact us, we will contact the manufacturer, to provide you with the best price.


2. Ordinary users: Purchases can be made through Amazon or our official website.


III. Package area:

Fulfilled by Amazon & Merchant Fulfilled: USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia

IV. Product categories:

1. Car Wash:
a. Kärcher foam cannon
b. Foam wash gun
c. Car washer gun
d. Spray nozzles
e. Pressure washer hose

2. Garden Care:
a. Garden hose nozzle
b. Garden hose & Spray nozzle
c. Garden hose

3. Car Care:
a. Microfiber cleaning cloth
b. Car door edge guards (black&clear)
c. Polishing wheel
d. Polishing pad
4. Car Cover:
a. Car cover fits sedan
b. Car cover fits SUV
c. Snow cover

5. Car Protector:
a. Protector for dogs: Single seat / Rear seat / Car boot liner
b. Car seat protector for kids
c. Seat back protectors for kids
d. Car window shade

6. Tools:
a. Car panel removal tools kit

V. Product promotion:

We will regularly release product promotion information, such as holidays and Amazon prime day. Please pay close attention to MATCC official website and social networking platform.

1. Product Promotion Form:
a. Holiday promotions
b. Hots promotions
c. New product promotion
d. Prime Day Promotion

2. Promotional Product Portal: Home Bulletin Board

3. Promo Code Location: on Amazon product page

VI. The shipping method:

1. Fulfilled by Amazon: According to Amazon shipping policy

2. Merchant Fulfilled:
a. Overseas warehouse (US, UK, France, Australia, Japan): 3-7 working days
b. Chinese warehouse: 10-23 working days


If you have any questions about product´s suitability, product´s quality, logistics and invoices, please feel free to contact us!

Contact: MATCC official website---Support---Customer Service---Email us