Corded Car Vacuum,DC 12V 110W 5500PA

Corded Car Vacuum,DC 12V 110W 5500PA

DC 12V 110W 5500PA High Power Stronger Suction Corded Car Vacuum with 16.4FT(5M) Stronger Power Cord

★ High power copper motor, DC 12V 110W max power, 5500PA strong suction, less than 82db low noise, provide stronger power to work in various situation. Effortlessly suck up dry messes, such as dirt, hair, debris, leaves, loose gravel, and small spills.


★ Double filtration, PP material net cover and stainless steel HEPA filter, effectively block dust, smoke and other tiny pollutants inhaled motor; Cyclonic powerful suction to stronger protect filter and motor to longer life.


★ Detachable & washable filter, wet & dry use. Please thorough wash filter after using, keep item new for longer life.


★ 5 multipurpose attachments to clean. The gasket nozzle installed to clean some leather, high-grade wood or sofa surface. The brush nozzle suitable for cleaning irregular surfaces or soft materials. The short flat suction and long flat suction, installed to clean any narrow gap position. The extension hose connect with other accessories to clean the corner.


★ Stronger power cord with car cigarette lighter, 16.4Ft (5m) long to clean all area of the car. To use as home vacuum, you need to purchase an AC-DC power socket adapter converter. WARRANTY Order with confidence! 12-month worry-free warranty. Any problems with MATCC Car Vacuum Cleaner, contact us! 24h respond timely.

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super suction

High Power and Super Suction

MATCC vacuum cleaner has fashionable and smooth shape and strong impact force of color matching.Our mini vacuum comes with 110W high power,third generation 28000r/min-MATCC special motor for high-speed vacuum cleaner, support cyclone vacuum.The car vac suction is more than 5500Pa(23inch h2o), achieve long-term use.Stronger Bass design is as low as 75-80dB(industry standard for car vacuum cleaner is under 82dB).LOW noise can be more comfortable to use.A good choice for car interior cleaning.

High power

Super suction

Copper core motor

Cyclone vacuum

Low noise(lower than standard 82dB)

Double Filteration

Stainless steel HEPA filter and Water filter funnel

The outlet uses the activated carbon filter,original Nano waterproof stainless steel filter screen and built-in cyclone dust collection.Supporting directly washed and has long service life, it will be easy to clean and no need to replace frequently for life,strong filtration , prevent secondary pollution

Support Dry and Wet Use

There is no fear of water stains.Dust and water can both sweep away,easy to deal with all kinds of embarrassing situation.

After finishing the clean,hold the handshake part in the middle of the metal filter screen,rotate the dust cover at the bottom of the filter assembly clockwise,and wash the metal filter screen and dust shield with clean water


Used for car,RV,Boat&home

Don't use in other excessive dust environment

Avoid sucked pollutants into the copper motor

No more than 20 minutes for using each time



seal prevent

Contain five accessories.Long Flat suction and shot flat suction can clean up for different gaps .Gasket nozzle can cleaning the leather seat without scratching the seat cover,and brush nozzle is for cleaning pet hair.Well,you can use a hosepipe to lengthen for vacuum, easily to handle the dust in all corners of the car.

New upgraded and thick the connecting cigarette lighter. The core is about 2*1mm² and cord is up to 16.4ft long power,which has national safety certification,and can reach every corner of even BIG cars.In addition,this extend the use time of the corded car cleaner, and it will not be easily deformed and safer during the vacuuming process.

Large capacity of the transparent garbage container, auto-shut-off lid, to maximize the convenience.Designed with Leak Proof seal.When turn off the power it will seal immediately to prevent dust from leaking out,easy to dispose of garbage. This car vac is a great solution for parents with young children.



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