Foam Cannon

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
We are committed to improving the performance of towels in order to provide more professional car care to our customers.

◢ Super Soft&Thick
◢ Super-absorbent
◢ Silk-banded edge
◢ Dual-Pile Microfiber

Provide lots of microfiber cleaning cloths,different sizes.colors or water absorption.choose the towel that best suits your needs.
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
MATCC Car Foam Gun

◢ Double filters to filter particles in water and soap
◢ Adjustable Dial, easy to operate
◢ Brass material, Rustproof, Durable
◢ Fit faucet and garden hose
◢ Make a Great Foam for car wash or other cleaning,
◢ Can be used to water flowers and plants.

Connect to Faucet or garden hose, no pressure washer needed
1. Fit 3/8" Connector
2. NPT3/4" Connector