Waterproof Car Cover (185''Lx71''Wx59''H)

Waterproof Car Cover (185''Lx71''Wx59''H)

100% Waterproof Auto Cover Breathable Soft Cotton Protect from Scrapes Sun Rays Moisture Corrosion Dust Dirt Full Car Fits Sedan L

1. Fit - This full car cover fits size up to 185''Lx71''Wx59''H, not suitable for SUV cars, please check your car size before purchasing.


2. 100% Waterproof - Waterproof breathable film protect from water and rain. Ultrasonic seams technology for no pinhole, prevent water from seeping into seams.


3. Windproof - Elasticized Hem, 4 Encrypted straps and buckle at the bottom to fix the cover in heavy wind and don't blow off.


4. Soft Material - One layer soft PET cotton inside prevent from scratching or damaging the car paint. Besides, high quality Non Woven Fabric and Waterproof breathable film for durable use.


5. Protection - Car Cover can prevent harmful UV rays, rain, dirt, dust, industrial pollutants, snow, frost, corrosion, bird droppings effectively. Please contact us if any displeasure, we will try best to help you.


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Product Specification

Product Specification

  • Packing Method : Storage Bag

  • Application : Outdoor Car Protection

  • Suitable for : Sedan Up to 185'' L

  • Product Highlights : Windproof-Elasticized Hem, 4 Encrypted Straps & Buckle

  • Function : UV Protection, Waterproof etc

  • Material : Non Woven Fabric, PE cotton, Waterproof breathable film

  • Car Cover Size : 185''Lx71''Wx59''H


Car Cover


Protect Your Vehicle


1. Car cover reflect up to 90% UV rays;

2. Prevent harmful dust into the car and mechanical parts;

3. Effectively prevent the city pollution and acidic conditions.


More features for Car Cover


  • Fit sedan cover

  • Soft PET cotton

  • No Scratch or damage

  • Bonus a free storage bag

  • Save space & easy storage

  • Anti-aging and machine wear

  • ▷Keep your car clean


Car CoverCar Cover




1. Sedan car cover;

2. XL size fit car up to 185''L x 71''W x 59''H;

3. Please check your car size before purchase.


Waterproof, Windproof and Sunscreen


Why 100% Waterproof?


1. With Waterproof film

2. Ultrasonic seams technology

3. No pinhole


Why Windproof?


1. Double Stitched Straps

2. Windproof Buckle

3. Elasticized Hem


Why Sun proof?


1. High density PET cotton

2. Keep interior temperature below the outside.


Car CoverCar CoverCar Cover


Four elastic hooks can be fixed to the wheel and protect your car from blowing off.

Windproof buckles design helps to avoid being blown off by wind.

Non woven fabric material for durable use and scratch resistant. But don't scratch it by knife.


Package Included:


1 X Car Cover

1 X Storage Bag


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