3 Inch Polishing Scouring Pads Kits with Drill Adapter

3 Inch Polishing Scouring Pads Kits with Drill Adapter

MATCC Polishing Scouring Pads Kits with Drill Adapter for Sanding Glazing Polishing Waxing
  • NEW COMBINATION: Added SCOURING PADS to the new combination! The new combination includes 9pcs scouring pads, 8pcs sponge polishing pads, 2pcs Woolen Buffing Pad, 1 drill adapter, and 1 Hook & Loop Backing Pad.

  • SCOURING PADS: With strong cleaning ability, it can effectively remove scratches and stains. Do not be used on the body of car. GREEN Scouring Pads can be used for glass, wood furniture and China. RED Scouring Pads are moderate, can be used for sinks, tile, stainless, steel, linoleum. GREY Scouring Pads are soft, can be used for soap scum, cookware, pans, mineral deposits.

  • SPONGE & WOOLEN: Sponge polishing pads are divided into three types of polishing—They can be used with different polishing compounds for different polishing and glazing degrees. The main role of woolen polishing pads are improving the gloss of objects.

  • WIDELY USED: The MATCC polishing combination is widely used, not only for car maintenance, but also for furniture, floors, tiles, toilets and other places that need to be cleaned and polished. There are three types of tools to choose from, which can fully meet your needs.

  • SIZE FORM: All products in the portfolio are 3 inches in size, including drill adapter and backing pad. Can be connected to the polishing machine through a 3-inch tray.

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Weight:0.28 KG
Size: 3 INCH

Package includes :
3pcs 3”Green Hard Scouring Pads
3pcs 3”Red Medium Hard Scouring Pads
3pcs 3”Grey Soft Scouring Pads
Suitable for steel /stainless steel/ stubborn stains etc., will not produce serious scratches on the material

2pcs 3” Orange Flat&Wave Hard Polishing Pads
2pcs 3” Yellow Flat&Wave Medium Hard Polishing Pads
1pcs 3” White Flat Medium Hard Polishing Pad
1pcs 3” Blue Wave Medium Hard Polishing Pad
2pcs 3” Black Flat&Wave Soft Hard Polishing Pads
Suitable for basic polishing needs, can remove car body scratches/excess paint etc., different polishing pads have different functions

2pcs 3”Woolen Polishing Pads
It is used last in the polishing process with polishing compound to maximize the gloss of the object and remove excess polishing paste

1pcs 3”Hook & Loop Backing Pad
1pcs Drill Adapter


1.Scouring Pad not to use the cleaning on the surface of the car, because the material is hard and will damage the paint
2.All products are 3-inch configuration 

3.There is a number of products, if you have missing parts in the packaging, please contact us as soon as possible 



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2. If you have any questions about any information such as the price of the product, please communicate with us before purchasing.

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2. Exchange: Within one year from the date of receipt, if the goods are damaged, you can contact us and we will reissue you for free after verification.
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Customer Reviews
4.95 / 5.0
95 reviews
View All >
Does the job.
It's a great mop for the price!
December 01, 2021


Average rating:
4.95 / 5.0
Does the job.
It's a great mop for the price!
December 01, 2021
Laura Kelley
Good mop at a good price
I??d say this was worth it. I got it on sale so it was cheaper than a Swiffer mop. Reviews say the water tank is small but it was the perfect amount to clean my apartment without a refill. A better deal than a swiffer, works well and the pads are washable so all you have to buy is cleaner to add.
December 01, 2021
Patricia Bialach
Does the job, good buy
I like this mop. The pads are washable and reusable They are thick too. I also like the spray feature we have pergo floors and this works very well on them.
November 30, 2021
Georgia shopper
It does what it was made to do. Good swivel action, light and easy to maneuver. Great for quick cleanups.
November 29, 2021
Great thing to keep apartment clean
Nice and sturdy ! easy to use and easy to clean
November 25, 2021
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