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Polishing Buffing Pads 5 Pcs 6 Inch (150mm) Waxing Pads kit

Polishing Buffing Pads 5 Pcs 6 Inch (150mm) Waxing Pads kit

MATCC 5 Pcs 6 Inch (150mm) Polishing Pads Buffing Pads Polishing Buffer Grid Pads for Car Buffer Polisher Boat Polisher
  • ADVANCED MATERIALS: Imported materials from Germany, with outstanding performance, light in weight, resilient and reusable. MATCC polishing pad is widely used for home decoration, overall car polishing, hull and wood polishing, etc. Can be used for waxing, polishing, sealing glaze and so on to improve the appearance of the object.

  • SPECIAL DESIGN: The deepening of the horizontal and vertical cutting mesh can improve the heat dissipation ability when using at high speed. And polishing compound can be locked in the polishing pad for better integration and reduce waste. The edge of polishing pad is abrasive edge treatment, reduce friction is not easy to damage, can increase service life.

  • DIFFERENT FUNCTION: Different colors represent different polishing requirements: Heavy-cut polishing pad: GRAY;Medium-cut polishing pad:  ORANGE&WHITE; Finishing polishing pad: Blue & black

  • EASY TO USE: MATCC polishing pads can be used in pneumatic or electric polishing machine. At the end of use, the polishing pad can be pulled down at any Angle, because of the light weight and the use of Velcro behind, will be very convenient to replace; When cleaning, it is recommended to wash with clean water and air dry naturally to avoid sun exposure.

  • SIZE DESCRIPTION: The diameter of the usable polishing area is 6 inches (150mm), thickness is 26 mm,can meet the normal polishing needs.

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Product Description
MATCC Polishing Pads Car Buffing Pads 5 Pcs 6 Inch (150mm) for Car Polisher Boat Polisher

1.Face grain cut neatly, cutting depth suitable for polishing compound mixture
2.The Velcro on the back is tightly glued to the body of the polishing pad so that it will not be thrown out even if polished at high speed
3.Used for car/boat/floor Polishing Buffer,different color polishing pad has different polishing effect
4.Using imported foam material is the best choice for polishing

Packaged Included
5* Foam polishing pads

  • 1.Heavy-cut polishing pad: GRAY
  • It has strong cutting ability, because the surface of the polishing pad is rough, suitable for rough polishing
  • With the use of polishing compound, can remove deeper scratches, excessive spraying, serious swirl marks and so on ,is the first step to surface defects
  • 2.Medium-cut polishing pad :ORANGE&WHITE
  • These two polishing pads are general、 multi-purpose , they have light cutting effect, but also have mild cleaning function
  • Suitable for the removal of small surface defects, clean object surface stains, with the use of polishing compound can leave a smooth surface
  • 3.Finishing polishing pad: Blue& black
  • These two polishing pads have the lightest cleaning effect, suitable for the last stage of polishing with polishing compound, can maximize the glossiness of the object
  • Polishing finished, after the rain on the surface of the car will not leave traces of rain

Material: polyurethane 
Package size : 15.1*15.1*13 (cm)
Size of one: Φ150mm / H 26mm
Individual weight: 0.2kg 

If there is any problem in the process of using, please feel free to contact us by email, we will try our best to solve it!

Price Description:

1. Please take the MATCC official price as the standard! Other sales Platform are independently priced by the seller, 

and the seller takes responsibility for the price change.

2. The official price is insured for 3 months. If the price difference occurs during the insurance period, 

you can contact us to refund the difference.

3. If you have any questions about any information such as the price of the product, 

please communicate with us before purchasing.

Shipping & Delivery

1. Shipping : 1-3 days

2. Delivery :

 US overseas warehouse delivery: 3-7 working days

 Chinese warehouse delivery: 10-23 working days

Return policy:

1. Return: If there is any problem with the goods within 7 days from the date of receipt, you can contact us and we will refund you after verification.

2. Exchange: Within one year from the date of receipt, if the goods are damaged, you can contact us and we will reissue you for free after verification.

Customer Reviews
4.55 / 5.0
12 reviews
View All >
Tracy Panek
Adequate for the expense
I wish these came in different grades (polishing, correcting, etc.). The scored surface is easy to clean, but not very durable.
June 08, 2020


Average rating:
4.55 / 5.0
Tracy Panek
Adequate for the expense
I wish these came in different grades (polishing, correcting, etc.). The scored surface is easy to clean, but not very durable.
June 08, 2020
Wax on.
Pads work great you can see results in pic.
May 31, 2020
Chris Larum
Very nice and versitile.
These are a great option for anyone that likes to wax their car themselves. I use automated car washes regularly, but I still like to manually wax my car myself several times a year, just to do a better job, and use a better wax, than i can get at the car wash. these work great, and have different levels that are color coded. so you can use them for other things as well, besides just cars. but the do a great job, and i won't hesitate to buy again.
April 30, 2020
Leigh Skor
Great add on for your car wash kit.
My husband prefers to wash our car himself (even though I prefer the $7 car wash). So I was thinking ahead for Father's Day and got this kit along with Coceca 7pcs 6 Inches Polishing Pad Kit, Sponge and Wool Polishing Pad Set with M14 Drill Adapter. I expected it to take much longer for delivery and was pleasantly surprised at the fast delivery (Thank you Amazon, again). We had a super warm day and with the days running into each other due to lock-down I figured Father's Day needed to happen in April this year.NOTE: This pad set DOES NOT include the Drill Bit or Velcro base. I got this extra set to use the sponges and wax pad. They each come individually wrapped which is very nice for re-storage after use. They are very durable and withstood even the 5 year old use of the drill on high speed. (Insert big eye-roll here).I am mainly happy for the individual packaging and ease of use on the velcro pad. My husband liked what a great job it did and having so many types of pads enabled him to detail the inside of the van with an Armor All type of spray and the outside of the van with a car wash soap and them used Turtle wax. I cant say it got rid of the super deep scratches but it certainly made it look a lot better and provided me with a sense of security from rust.
April 24, 2020
buffer pads
good quality, have held up very well so far, cling tight and stay put on my buffer
April 15, 2020
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